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The Toolbox

Having the right tools is a necessity to increasing our clients’ revenue

The Pelican Group has a proven track record for developing the most innovative programs for revenue optimization with consistency and uniformity. We work hand in hand with your designated representative, the local operator, our strategic partners and of course our experts from The Pelican Group. We develop custom plans based on your demographics to optimize revenue per visit and increase repeat visits.


1. Analysis

The Pelican Group’s Team of experts works with you to determine the optimal solution to achieve your corporate goals for this area of your business. 

  • Analyze current vending strategy

  • Leverage our Industry trusted experience

  • Understand your vending goals and objectives 

  • Synchronize Industry trends and The Pelican Group’s proprietary data for program optimization


Bird's Eye Analytics Software


The Pelican Group analytics tool, aka Bird’s Eye Analytics is a proprietary software solution designed to help us manage and grow your vending revenue. Our software identifies trends and analyzes revenues enabling your organization to optimize earning potential by machine at each location. It is also consolidates site data of multiple sites around the country with a single report for your financial reporting needs.

Pelican’s Bird’s Eye Analytics software is more than just a tool for proper and timely accounting. It allows us to monitor every aspect of your vending business in order to improve it. We can drill down by several variables including machine, machine type, location and region which allows us to make appropriate adjustments based on trends and averages.

The software is also used to aggregate data from all over the country. The local operators input data into our secure web portal for monthly reporting. This data provides National statistics on a local level.


Future Program Advancement


Through new and innovative products and services, The Pelican Group provides continued research and recommendations to grow bottomline revenues and customer satisfaction.

Data Management


All information pertaining to your vending program is backed up and secured with the highest level of data incription.

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