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24/7 Unmatched Service & Support. One Contract - One Report - One Check!

While honing over three hundred years of experience, The Pelican Group has developed a National Service Network of local operators supporting our client’s’ national accounts. We currently have more than 600 local operators dedicated to providing our clients 24-hour a day unmatched service & support. Many of the local operators have worked with The Pelican Group since inception in 1993.

At The Pelican Group, we have a hands-on approach which guarantees prompt and professional service. We work hand-in-hand with our local operators to monitor every account and audit every commission report.

  • We manage and resolve all disputes and customer requests.

  • We offer 24/7 live support operators who immediately dispatch issues to our Regional Representatives who follow-up to ensure any problem is properly resolved.


The Pelican Group focuses on personalized service, increased opportunities and maximized revenues.

  • Single point of contact –Your dedicated Account Manager will resolve any issue whenever it arises.

  • 24 / 7 Toll-Free Service Hotline – Pelican’s toll-free service hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to handle all service requests.

  • On-site visits – Regular on-site visits by Pelican representatives ensure proper vendor performance and a strong communication link between Pelican and your Managers

  • Service Response within 24 hours – Pelican’s network of operators respond to service calls within 24 hours including weekends and holidays

  • Customer Service Follow Up – The Pelican Group follows up with each Store Manager after a reported problem to ensure the service request was resolved properly

  • Service Call Tracking – All service calls placed to Pelican are tracked on a monthly basis and analyzed to ensure your locations are receiving the service you expect


National Network

The Pelican Group’s National Network not only benefits our clients, but also the local operator. By being part of Pelican’s Network, local operators gain access to The Pelican Group’s buying power, reputation and knowledge base, which in turn benefits everyone participating in our programs.

Our high quality local operators have proven abilities to service accounts in a timely manner, pay commissions accurately and timely with the flexibility to meet the needs of the changing marketplace.

The Pelican Group’s National Network provides clients with true nationwide coverage. We are the only service organization that can handle our clients’ needs while providing the level of service expected at the local level.

This creates a “The Toolbox for Success” leading to the highest level of service in the country with the most sophisticated analytics tools which includes market data, machine data, user trends and sales cycles providing The Pelican Group clients access to the most advanced analytics and vend management program in the country.

national network


Q: Who services my account?

A: You will be serviced by one of our operator partners who is geographically matched to your location(s).

Q: How often do my machines get serviced? 

A: Service frequency is established based on key historical metrics Pelican utilizes to determine the optimum frequency necessary.

Q: How often do my machines get replaced?

A: Machines generally have a lifespan of three to five years. Amusement devices are rotated more frequently with new machines being introduced to your locations on a regular basis.

Q: How often do I see my account rep? 

A: One to two times per year.

Q: How will Pelican’s equipment increase my vending commission?

A: By analyzing your location and the space provided, Pelican will leverage our resources to install the highest earning equipment to improve your customers’ satisfaction and your vending commissions.

Q: How do I make more money?

A: Better service, better equipment, the best management program available, and accurate accounting by The Pelican Group.

Q: How often do I get a commission check? 

A: Monthly

Q: What sets The Pelican Group apart from other management companies?

A: Our employees physically inspect each location to ensure customer satisfaction, program execution, and accurate cash accountability. We meet with your local managers to address any issues they may have and analyze the placement of the equipment to ensure revenue optimization.

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